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Street Art in Buenos Aires

From October to mid-December, I traveled to Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina. While abroad, it became overwhelmingly apparent to me that traveling is so vital for creative minds. The act of navigating life in a ...

Jan, 02 · in Big Ideas,Inspiration

NYE Ball Redesign

The famous Times Square NYE ball gets a new design this year. The new “Let There Be Friendship” pattern features the addition of 288 Waterford crystals with a new engraving of people holding hands around ...

Dec, 31 · in Happenings

Election Day 2011

Today Americans head to the polls to cast their votes for local, county and state officials. Polling locations are open across the country into the evening for registered voters to cast their ballots. In honor ...

Nov, 08

How to Design a Successful Infographic

Smashing Magazine just published The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design which provides excellent visual examples of successful (and unsuccessful) Infographics. The piece summarizes guidelines on how to successfully execute an Infographic. Among the author’s key points ...

Oct, 21

Small Design Firms Think Big

After reading Austin Howe’s superbly accurate book Designers Don’t Read we became big fans. Howe just published a solid article on how small design firms can produce better results for clients because of the philosophy ...

Oct, 07

Adobe Buys Into Web Fonts

A big email just hit my inbox… Adobe acquires Typekit – Just a few moments ago, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch took the stage at their annual MAX conference and explained the company’s Creative Cloud strategy. ...

Oct, 03

Summer’s Color Trend: Cobalt Blue

As designers and active participants in the world around us, we are particularly sensitive to the moods that seasons create. I find that strong color trends are greatly influenced by particularly extreme-weather seasons. As such, ...

Jul, 15



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