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The Practice of Planning

Far too often in the creative industry, a studio meets with a new client and learns that they want something designed and they needed it yesterday. Sometimes it’s a joke, and sometimes it’s the truth. ...

Jul, 14 · in Big Ideas

Fictional Brands in Real World Business

Pizza Planet, Buy n’ Large, Rust•eze… These all sound like legit brands that represent companies in our world. However, they only exist in the magical world of Pixar. Ever since Woody and Buzz arrived at ...

New Design: USDA MyPlate replaces the Food Pyramid

Say goodbye to the food pyramid; say hello to MyPlate. The USDA is scrapping the decades-old nutrition guide in favor of a new icon shaped like a plate. Government officials, including First Lady Michelle Obama who ...

Jul, 10

Content Before Design?

When designing for the web, it’s imperative that a designer has an understanding of the site’s content. But does this mean the actual site content should always precede design? What we need isn’t so much ...

Jun, 27

Global Design NYU Opens May 25 at New York University

From Design Observer.   Global Design NYU, a gallery exhibit and speaker series, opens May 25 at New York University. Opening May 25 at New York University, the exhibition and symposium Global Design NYU, organized ...

May, 28

Embracing Failure

From HOW Magazine Blog. Method has just launched the 10th piece in their 10×10 series, titled “Rapid Prototyping: The Wright Way to Fail.” Innovators from the Wright brothers to James Dyson have used prototypes for ...

May, 28



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